Hanhart Pioneer Racemaster: beautiful trio of chronos

Watch brand Hanhart, which this year celebrates its 130 years of existence, has unveiled a new collection of three times. Three vintage, sports and manly timepieces that meet all codes Hanhart origin, infusing a modern twist. Indeed, Racemaster GT, the JWG Racemaster and Racemaster GTF are all fitted with a housing made of steel HDSPro (45 mm), one hundred times more resistant to scratches than 316 L steel… Details.

In homage to his close involvement in the world of racing in the years 60/70, and in tribute to the actor Steve McQueen, who wore a Hanhart during Motocross World Championships in 1964, the brand comes to reveal a beautiful trio of chronos in its Pioneer collection.

Racemaster GT, Racemaster GTM and Racemaster GTF are all early models of the will be equipped with a casing made with Rolex explorer replica Mark steel HDSPro, a metal that looks “hundred times more scratch resistant than steel 316 L. “A real first world” ensures the brand in its press release

Circuits of legend as le Mans in France or the Nürburgring in Germany, names engraved in our memories and unforgettable race cars… Here’s the extraordinary adventures that characterized the first decades of motor racing. When pilots fought laps after laps, for a good ranking or a lap; When team leaders, technicians and the marshals chronométraient intermediate times. Nothing was then without the support of the mechanical chronometers…

Since the first stopwatch departed Hanhart workshops in 1924, the mark is therefore remained closely linked to the world of motor racing. Hanhart has thus made for Scuderia Ferrari a DuoStop entered into legend. In homage to the universe fascinating competition, known for his ascents of adrenal, helvetico-allemand watchmaker will launch at the end of 2012, three new mechanical Chronographs baptized Racemaster.

Sporting inspiration and vintage, the case (45 mm) in this collection is a reference to the design of historic race cars. Its dial is also a reminder of the speedometers of the past views. Its sobriety, its typical luminescent of Hanhart, Arabic numerals for great readability, the index of hours divided on various segments of colors, the double counters at 3 and 9 o’clock, the tachymeter scale… Everything evokes the world of bitumen and hot oils, engines roaring and overheated tires.

Naturally, these Pioneer Racemaster welcome, as it should with Hanhart, the genetic characteristics of the brand, its DNA: the asymmetric arrangement of the buttons (except the model single-pusher well obviously) and zero red reset button. These three watches are livrezs on type driver (with perforations) bracelets and red lining.

Before going any further into the details of each model, let’s go back to steel, Hanhart-specific, which is used in each of these three timepieces. Nothing more stressful to be constantly trying to be careful not to scratch, damage, scratch its new shows… To some, even, mechanically demean the sleeve of their shirts or jackets as soon as they verge on a table, a door, a fear of damaging the bezel of their favorite timepieces…

In this spirit, Hanhart, promises as the “single brand of watches in the world to use for its Chronographs enclosures, stainless steel without nickel which, due to a special refining process, is distinguished by its very high hardness and scratch resistance improved widely over 10,000%.

Thanks to this innovative process (named HDSPro), watches box boasts a structure three times harder. “Compared to steel stainless used to date, this is equivalent to an improvement of widely more than 120 times. ” Thus, even when they have been credited for years and years, watches, also solicited as they could have been, are gleaming as on the first day!  ensures the brand in its press release

The Pioneer Racemaster WGF, meanwhile, has the famous Flyback function. As with conventional chronometers, a pusher is used at startup and shutdown, another to the resetting of the needles and a restart requires intermediate pause, this command allows, by pressing once a unique key to simultaneously stop the chronograph, and to reset to restart. On this occasion, Chronograph hand jumps back to its starting point and immediately continues to measure time, restarting after the reset being superfluous.

On these three models, the center of the dial, anthracite and the luminescent red hand form a strong contrast. The dial is set in a minute ring that displays a specific color by model (which colours of the years 60/70 racing cars-specific): white for the Racemaster GT, blue light for the JWG and orange for the GTF. The back of the boxes is decorated with an engraving with two crossed flags: departure and arrival!